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As time is passing, the Spiritual Blessings (Faizan) of our beloved Master, Hazoor Syedna Rasoollullah(saw) is vastly increasing. In the last 14 centuries, the role of Members of the Ahl-e-Baith(as) deserves a special mention. Their sacrifices and efforts have played a great role. Syedna Maula Ali al-Murtaza, and from Imaam Hassan and Imaam Hussain till Mahboobi e Subhani, Qutb-e-Rabbani Meeran Mohyuddin Shaykh Syedna Abdul Qadir Jillani deserves a special mention. The Children, Khulafaa (Spiritual Deputies), Students and Mureeds of Hazoor Syedna Ghous e Azzam(ra) brought a great spiritual revolution, which is rapidly increasing day by day. The Spiritual Blessings of Hazoor Syedna Ghous e Azzam(ra) had first arrived in the subcontinent during the life of the Hazoor Syedna Ghous e Azzam(ra). Their eldest Son Shaykh Syedna Abdul Razzaq Gillani first visited Hindustan during the lifetime of his great father and after staying a short while, proceeded back to his native city of Baghdad Shareef. From then till the present day, members of the household of Hazoor Syedna Ghous  e Azzam(ra) have been going back and forth from Baghdad Shareef to the subcontinent in order to the spread the spiritual blessings of Hazoor Syedna Ghous e Azzam(ra). The Devotees of Hazoor Syedna Ghous e Azzam(ra) have always kept the children of Hazoor Syedna Ghous e Azzam(ra) in very high esteem and presented their hearts as offerings to them.

A living example of this is the grand personality of Naqeeb ul Ashraaf, Shaykh ul Mashaikh, Qudwatul Awliya, Qutb-ul-Alam, Syed us Sadaat, Shehzadah e Ghous-e-Azzam(ra), His Holliness, Hazoor Pir Syedna Tahir Allauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani Al-Baghdadi. . For the propagation of Silsilah e Qadiriah in the sub-continent, not only did they leave their native country but left the spiritual centre of their ancestor (Hazoor Syedna Ghous e Azzam ra) and the ancestry home of their forefathers. They arrived in Pakistan in 1956 and decided to settle in Quetta permanently.