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Spiritual Guidance

Throughout history, Mashaikh of Silsilah e Qadiriah have been renowned for devoting their entire lives for the spiritual training, guidance and serving the blessed Ummah. Following in the holy footsteps of the King of Saints, Hazoor Syedna Ghous e Azzam Abu Muhammad Shaykh Sayyidina Abdul Qadir Mohyuddin Gillani Al-Hassani Hussaini (ra), the Mashaikh of Silsilah-e-Qadiriah have been providing Spiritual Guidance to the blessed Ummah, solely for the pleasure of Almighty Allah Taala and His Beloved Messenger(saw).

Unfortunely, in this day and age, numerous innocent people in distress are exploited by so-called ‘Pirs/Aamils/Sufis’ who are using the name of Tassawuf for worldly gains. These so-called Pirs/Aamils/Sufis’ have made it a business scamming the vulnerable and by doing this tarnished the teachings of Tassawwuf and the blessed message of the Awliya’Allah and Sufiah Kiraam. Another serious cause of concern is that it is vast becoming very common to see people reciting Wazaif without seeking permission (Ejazat) from a Kamil Shaykh/Pir/Murshid. It is a well-known fact that seeking permission (Ejazat) from a Kamil Shaykh is essential before beginning any sort of Wazaif. Reading any sort of Wazaif without permission is strictly frowned upon as it leads to great harm than benefit. Without permission from a Shaykh, it is impossible to attain and control the full power (spiritual blessings) behind the wazaif and thus putting even your life at risk! 

The internet has been used as a means to forward this wide-spread ignorance and manipulate naive people in distress who in search of a spiritual solution to their problem.

On the insistence of many Mureeds and Devotees across the globe, we have sought the approval and permission of His Eminence Pir-e-Tariqat Rehbar-e-Shariat Pir Syed Khalid Ali Tahiri Qadri to set-up a spiritual guidance section on our website where people can contact His Eminence Pir Sahib regarding any spiritual problems they have and seek Dua, Istikhara, Taweez, Aurad o Wazaif etc. His Eminence Pir Sahib could also be contacted to gain Permission (Ejazat) for Wazaif or any other questions (such as on Tassawwuf, Tareeqah etc)

Please could you email your full details such as name, age, location, your Pir Sahibs name (if applicable), details of your problem/issue and any other additional details you want to add. If you would like to request Istikhara then please make sure to include your mother’s name as well. All emails will be treated in the strictest confidentiality and we hope to reply to each email within 7 Days (Insha’Allah)


All Emails should be sent to: PirSahib@YaMurshid.com


Only Genuine Emails will be answered. If you are enquiring about something which goes against Shariah such as breaking up marriages, causing problems and harm to others, wanting lottery numbers etc then you are just wasting your time as no replies will be given to anything which goes against Shariah.


Al-Gillani Family