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As part of their spiritual training, Pir Sahib performed a Chilla under the guidance of their Pir-o-Murshid Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra). When Pir Sahib entered the Chilla, they had not kept a beard due to not wanting to dishonour this great sunnat of the Holy Prophet (saw). As per the rules of Chilla, they were prohibited from certain acts, such as trimming nails or hair. Once they completed their Chilla, a small beard had begun to shape on their face. When Pir Sahib tried removing this, the holy face of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) came in front of their eyes and they could not continue. This kept on occurring until  Pir Sahib finally understood that this a sign and command from their Shaykh to keep a beard.  Pir Sahib then kept their beard with the intention that their beard may bare resemblance to that of their Shaykh Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) in their youth. From this we can see that every aspect of the life of Pir Sahib has a connection with their Pir-o-Murshid Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra).

From all the Mureeds, Pir Sahib received a special love and affection from their Pir-o-Murshid Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliy (ra). Pir Sahib were one of the very few mureeds who stayed with Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) at all times and thus not only observed them in their public life but also in their private life. Pir Sahib were also one of the few mureeds to have permission and the honour of reciting Hamd, Naat, Ghazal, Shers and even telling Jokes to their Pir-o-Murshid. In the love and praise of their Murshid,  Pir Sahib wrote many poems (Manqabats) which they had the chance of reading to Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) and are now read by Mureedeen across the world. 

A famous quote that was frequently stated by Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) was:
 ‘Khalid Badshah Hay, Woh Sab Kuch Kar Sakta Hay ‘ (Khalid is a King, He can do Everything) 

They received their full spiritual training from their Pir-o-Murshid. From amongst over 10 million mureeds, Pir Sahib were one of the very few, who were bestowed Khilafat by Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) in Silsilah e Qadriah Tahiria. In regards to Pir Sahib recieving Khilafat, H.H Pir Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Gillani have stated: “Master Sahib Danda Kay Zoar Par Khilafat Leeya”. iIt is no exaggeration to say that after the blessed Shezadgaan, Pir Sahib have received the most spiritual faiz from Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) such as in the form of being bestowed special wazaif and spiritual training. Also, Pir Sahib are the only Khalifah of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra), who has had the honour of having his Khilafat, signed and stamped by all three Shehzadgaan of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra). And till this day, all three Shehzadeh refer to Pir Sahib as 'Master Sahib'. Hence, we can see the respect and reverence given to Pir Sahib by the beloved sons of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra).

The Wisaal of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) in Germany, came as a great shock to everyone. Pir Sahib were the first Mureed (outside Germany) to have been told about the Wisaal of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) and this was 10 minutes prior to the actual phone call coming from Germany to break the sad news. Pir Sahib were sitting with Khadim-e-Khaas Haji Sher Jahan Qadri, who were reciting the Holy Quran when all of a sudden they broke into tears and started crying. Pir Sahib were under the impression that Haji Sher Jahan has read an emotional ayat of the Holy Quran which has made them cry. After inquiring the reason to why they were crying, Haji Sher Jahan Qadri told Pir Sahib that ‘Ghaus e Pak(ra) has just shown me that Pir Sahib has passed away’ Pir Sahib were in a state of utter disbelief and shock. Minutes later, this sad news was confirmed by the official phone call from Germany.

From this episode, you can see the Kashf and status that the Khadims of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) had, in particular Haji Sher Jahan Qadri who spent 36 years in the service of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) and 17 years in the service of Shehzadgaan. Haji Sher Jahan were the same saintly personality who used to call Pir Sahib ‘Ghous e Azzam(ra) ka Bulbul’ and showered Pir Sahib with the most duas.

The First Janazah of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) was held in Karachi, followed by a second Janazah in Lahore and then the burial took place in Baghdad Town (Township – Lahore). The actual burial was originally planned to take place in Baghdad Shareef, alongside the holy graves of the blessed Mashaikh of the Qadriah Silsilah. Due to circumstances at the time, this could not take place. It was decided that the Burial would take place in Pakistan but the location was unclear until Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Ali Hujveri(ra) instructed that Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) be brought to Lahore and laid to rest  with them , in their city.

A separate piece of land was allocated in Township, Lahore, which the Blessed Shezadgaan purchased. The Third Largest Itikaaf Gathering (after Makkah tul Mukurramah and Madinah Tul Munawwarah) is now held at this same location.   

During the burial of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya’s(ra), Pir Sahib were sitting on the funeral truck crying when a mysterious man approached Pir Sahib, he handed them a ‘Chadar’ (shawl). He told Pir Sahib that this Chadar is from the Holy Qabar Muburak of Rasoolullah(saw), he instructed Pir Sahib to hold on to it until the Shezadgaan ask for it. The man then dissappeared without saying anything further, leaving Pir Sahib puzzled because they did not know the identity of the man and it was literally impossible to meet the Shazadgaan at the time amongst the crowd of thousands of people. 

As the final stages of the blessed burial approached, Pir Sahib were brought to the front where they were they were asked by H.H Pir Al-Syed Mahmood Mohyuddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani for this Chadar, which was placed inside the Holy Grave making this the final Chadar to be placed inside.  

After the Burial of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra), Pir Sahib were in an intense state of grief and sorrow. Pir Sahib’s Blood Pressure was critically low due to excessive crying. Whilst everyone had gone home, Pir Sahib were left there crying thinking that all my life Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) have kept me beside them but who is here now to take care of me.  With this thought in their head, Pir Sahib went wandering in the streets of Lahore in the midst of the night until they met a man in a Pajero, who requested Pir Sahib to come back with him to his house and spend the night there. When Pir Sahib went to his house, he found the full house was decorated with Photos of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) and he introduced himself as ‘Rahat Habib Qadri’ and said ‘I am a Mureed of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) and have always heard about the famous ‘Master Khalid’ and had a desire to meet them and it is a honour for me that you have came to my house. He played host to Pir Sahib for the night, gave Pir Sahib an air conditioned room. In the morning he requested Pir Sahib to take the keys to his car to so Pir Sahib could visit the Qabar Muburak of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya. From this we can see that Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) made sure  the best arrangements were given to their beloved Mureed and Khalifah.

The next morning Pir Sahib went to the Qabar Muburak of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra). H.H Pir Al-Syed Abdul Qadir Jamaluddin Al-Gillani had just arrived moments earlier accompanied by their cousin brother.  Pir Sahib were the third person at the Holy Qabar Muburak and H.H Pir Al-Syed Abdul Qadir Jamaluddin Al-Gillani were pleased to see Pir Sahib and gifted flowers to Pir Sahib from the Blessed Qabar Muburak with their own hands. 

Family of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra):
Following in the footsteps of their Holy Father, all Three Shezadgaan have a special relationship with Pir Sahib and hold them in high estreem especially H.H Pir e Tariqat Rehbar e Shariat Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani (who Pir Sahib was appointed tutor for). All Three Shezadgaan have given their official stamp of Endorsement, approval and blessings to Pir Sahib. After the Wisaal of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra), Pir Sahib have been kept very close by all three Shezadgaan and accompanied them in their tours such as Visits of Mazaar Shareef on the occasion of Annual Baree Gyarween Shareef and Urs Muburak. 

This love and affection is not just seen in the blessed Shezadgaan but also in the grandsons of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) - H.H Al-Syed Tahir Hussamuddin Al-Gillani and H.H Abdur Rahman Saifuddin Al-Gillani. Whenever Pir Sahib is in the same gathering as them, they will call Pir Sahib and make them sit next to them and will not even commence their Namaaz until Pir Sahib has come and stood beside them. 

The residence of Pir Sahib has the honour of being the only house in Europe to have been host to H.H Pir e Tariqat Rehbar e Shariat Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani. Pir Sahib were the only Mureed to have recieved a special invitation to the actual ceremony of H.H Pir-e-Tariqat Rehbar-e-Shariat Sahibzada Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani and flew especially from the United Kingdom to attend this auspicious occasion. Also, Pir Sahib were the first Mureed to congratulate them on the birth of their beloved son, H.H Al-Syed Muhammad Tahir Allauddin al-Gillani. 

The Marriage of Pir Sahib was arranged by their Pir-o-Murshid Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra) in their lifetime. Pir Sahib's married in 1991 and Allah Taala has blessed Pir Sahib with Four Beautiful Sons:

Syed Usman Ali Tahiri Qadri (aged 16) 
Syed Ahmed Ali Tahiri Qadri (aged 15)
Syed Hamza Ali Tahiri Qadri (aged 11)
Syed Tahir Ali Tahiri Qadri (aged 10)

Pir Sahib were told by Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) in their lifetime about how many children, Allah Taala is going to bless them with. All Four Sons have the honour of being accepted as Mureeds of His Holliness Pir-e-Tariqat Rehbar-e-Shariat Sahibzada Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani. They are all assisting in the running and upkeep of Darbar Shareef (UK).

Pir Sahib have travelled across the world to propagate Silsilah e Qadriah, and have Mureeds in many Countries such as Pakistan, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, America, India, Kuwait, Australia, Iraq, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia,  Turkey, Sri Lanka and Canada.

Under the supervision of Pir Sahib, Monthly Gyarwain Shareef Programmes are held across the world in places such as Pakistan, India, USA, Kuwait and even in Saudi Arabia. The first ever Gyarwain Shareef to take place in Saudi Arabia was held under the Spiritual Supervision and Guidence of Pir Sahib. All these Events conclude with special final dua by Pir Sahib via the phone.  The Main Gyarveen Shareef is held in Darbar-e-Ghousia Qadiria Tahiria Bradford-UK which is attended by Mashaikh. Scholars, Naat Khawans and Mureedeen from across the whole country.

When Pir Sahib went to visit Brailly Shareef in 2007, they were given a warm welcome by Hazrat Allama Mufti Akhtar Raza Qadri Tahiri Sahib and promised that they will come the U.K especially to visit Pir Sahib if their health permits them to. Prior to Pir Sahibs visit, there was no monthly Gyarwain shareef organised at Brailly Sharif and after speaking to Pir Sahib, it was decided that a monthly Gyarwain Shareef will be held and is held till even now.

In 1996, Pir Sahib was instructed to migrate to the United Kingdom. Pir Sahib left everything behind and came to the U.K with their family. They spent a few years staying in Leeds and now reside in Bradford. Pir Sahib has the unique distinction of being the only Khalifah and representative of Hazoor Syedna Qudwat ul Awliya(ra) in the whole western hemisphere (U.K, Europe, America).  For the purpose of propagating Silsilah-e-Qadriah, Darbar-e-Ghousia Qadria Tahiria UK was established in Bradford in 2006. This was inaugurated by His Holiness, Shezada-e-Ghous ul Wara' Hazoor Pir-e-Tareeqat Rehbar-e-Shariat Pir Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani in May 2007. This is the only Darbar Shareef in this side of the world which is solely distributing the Spiritual Faiz of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra).

Please Note:
This is a very brief profile outlining a few details on the blessed life of Our Beloved Pir Sahib. Words cannot do justice to a personality who has spent his full life sitting at the Holy Feet of The 'Ghous of his Time' Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra). We do dua that that Allah Taala grants Pir Sahib a long healthy life and gives us all the ability to benefit from sitting in their blessed presence, and especially pray to be granted even a single drop of the love that left Pir Sahib intoxicated in the love of their Shaykh Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra).  Ameen.


His Eminence Pir Sahib

Qudwatul Awliya Shaykh-ul-Mashaikh Naqeeb-ul-Ashraaf Hazoor Pir Syedna Tahir Allauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani Al-Baghdadi (ra) is a personality that is beyond any introduction. Their holy name is familiar to everyone across the four corners of the globe. They were the Qutb and Ghous of their time, and in every aspect of their blessed character and personality was a true reflection of their great ancestor Shaykh e Kul wa Sultan ul Awliya , Mahboob e Subhani Qutb e Rabbani Ghous e Azzam Dastageer, Abu Muhammad Mohyuddin Shaykh Syedna Abdul Qadir Al Jillani Al-Hassani Al-Hussaini (ra). Over 10 Million people repented at the blessed hands of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra) and thus initiated into Silsilah e Qadriah Tahiria by taking baith. Throughout their life Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra) devoted themself for the spiritual training of the people and trained many people and appointed them Khilafat. Thirty-two People were blessed with Khilafat and these Khulafas (highly trained spiritual personalities) are following the steps taken by their beloved Sheikh. One of these special personalities is His Eminence, Pir-e-Tareeqat Rehbar-e-Shariat Pir Syed Khalid Ali Tahiri Qadri, who has spent their full life at the feet of their beloved Shaykh Hazoor Pir Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra). Pir Sahib have migrated to the United Kingdom for the sole-purpose of propagating Silsilah e Qadiria and for this purpose launched Darbar e Ghousia Qadria Tahiria UK in Bradford, where they are distributing the Spiritual Blessings (Fayz) of Hazoor Pir Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) and Hazoor Syedna Ghous-e-Azzam.

His Eminence Pir-e-Tariqat Rebar-e-Shariat Pir Syed Khalid Ali Tahiri Qadri (alias Pir Sahib) were born on 7th August 1962. Pir Sahib was born in Karachi (Pakistan) and hail from a noble religious Syed-Rizvi family. Pir Sahib’s grandfather was called Hazrat Syed Raza Ali (ra) who migrated from Iraq to Brailly Shareef. They were baith to Ala’ Hazrat Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan Brelvi (ra) and spent their full life in the service of Imaam e Ahl e Sunnat (ra). In Brailly Shareef, Hadhrat Syed Raza Ali (ra), alongside their full family lived in Nau-Mehla (Nine Palaces). 

After the Demise (wisaal) of Ala’ Hadhrat (ra), Hadhrat Syed Raza Ali migrated to Karachi and settled there. They had three sons and the second son was Hadrat Syed Mahboob Ali (ra) - the blessed father of Pir Sahib. Hadhrat Syed Mahboob Ali were very humble, religious and god-fearing.

Since a very young age, Pir Sahib led a pure and simple life. They were very different to other children of their time and refrained from the typical childhood participation of games. Instead, they were more inclined towards learning about Islam and their education. At this young age, Pir Sahib’s Grandfather and Father had both predicted that Syed Khalid Ali will grow up to attain a great status which came true in a short span of time.  A few years later, when Pir Saab reached the age of around fifteen, one of the first few people to refer to Pir Sahib as a ‘Pir’ was none other than their Father. Everyone refers to a ‘Pir’ as a ‘Pir’ but it is uncommon for a father to refer to his own son a ‘Pir’.

Another incident from the blessed childhood of Pir Sahib was that they had an elder uncle Hadhrat Syed Sultan Ali Tahiri, who had five Children but all had sadly died still-born. Their uncle brought Pir Sahib home and took them under his care and looked after him as his own son. As a result of Pir Sahib’s blessed presence in the house, the aunty had three daughters who survived. 

From these two short incidents, you can see the reverence Pir sahib was shown, as a young child from his family.

Pir Sahib completed their early education at a goverment School in Karachi. From a young age, they were an outstanding student and stood out from the other students. Their teachers all loved teaching them and showered them with special affection, love and attention. Their nursery teacher is still in contact with them to this day. They continued on with their further education and then progressed to a Masters in Islamic Studies from Karachi University. At the same time Pir Sahib received their religious education, which included completing Dars e Nizami in Madrassa Subhania 

From a young age, Pir Sahib led an ascetic way of life and were punctual in their daily prayers as well as regularly performing optional prayers (nawaafil), reciting Durood Shareef in abundance and other wazaif. Pir Sahib had immense love and reverence for Hazoor Syedna Ghaus-e-Azzam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani (ra). They dedicated a Chiraag (lamp) in the Holy name of Hazoor Syedna Ghaus-e-Azzam (ra) and this Chiraag has been lit every Thursday continuously for the past twenty-five Years, without any interruption. 

Pir Sahib first arranged a Gyarwain Shareef twenty-five years ago with the mere sum of only thirty-seven Rupees, and since then the Gyarwain Shareef has greatly excelled in numbers and now a Grand Gyarwain Shareef is held every Month at Darbar-e-Ghousia Qadria Tahiria, which is attended by Scholars, Naat Khawans and Mureeden from across the country and several other Gyarwain Shareefs are also held across the world under the spiritual supervision and guidance of Pir Sahib.

In their early youth, a close-friend of Pir Sahib called Marghoob Ahmed took them along to meet their Pir-o-Murshid Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra). Pir Sahib had met many great Mashaikh of their time but their heart did not feel inclined into pledging Baith to any. When Pir Sahib entered into the presence of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra), their first glance of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra) had such an effect on Pir Sahib that they could not move or speak. On the very same day (Monday) after Namaz-e-Asar that they pledged allegiance (Baith) at the hands of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra). This episode was a life-changing experience for Pir Sahib and from this day onwards to the present day, Pir Sahib have spent their entire life devoted in the service of their Pir-o-Murshid Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra). 

It is impossible to describe how much love and reverence Pir Sahib have for their Pir-o-Murshid Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra). They have drowned themselves so much in the love of their Pir-o-Murshid that Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra) themselves said, “I do not differentiate  Khalid from my own sons”

During this time, a Tutor was required to teach Shezada-e-Ghous ul Wara' Hazoor Pir Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Qadri All-Gillani, the beloved son of Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya-ra. Everyone who had received this news desired that they be chosen for this post and gave their names in the hope that they would be fortunate enough of having the honour of being the tutor of Hazoor Pir Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Qadri Al -Gillani. However, when the time came for the decision to be made, Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya (ra) said:

”Mastero Kay Master Sirf Master Khalid Hai, Ghaus Paak(ra) Kay BabarSher Par Danda Chalatay hay” "In teachers there is only one, who is the teacher of teachers and that is Master Khalid. Only Master Khalid will be firm on the brave Lion of Hazoor Syedna Ghaus e Azzam (ra)’.

Pir Sahib was appointed as the tutor of Hazoor Pir Al-Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Al-Gillani Al-Qadri and continued teaching them for more than five Years.

Since a young age, Pir Sahib have had a great thirst for knowledge (both Zaahiri and Baatini). As a young student, they had questions that baffled the greatest and most eminent Mashaikh and Scholars of that time. None of these scholars could give a satisfactory reply. It was only when they finally asked their Pir-o-Murshid Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) that their thirst was quenched and all their questions were finally answered. 

One of these questions was regarding the Durood Shareef that Allah Taala recites.  Allah Taala states in the Holy Quran that ‘Allah Taala and his Angels recite Durood and Salaam upon the Holy Prophet’ and has instructed all believers to also recite Durood and Salaam upon the Holy Prophet(saw).  Since a young age Pir Sahib have had a practice of constantly reciting Durood Shareef in abundance. They asked many eminent Mashaikh about the ‘Durood Shareef’ that Allah Taala recites but all the Mashaikh could not answer. It was only when Pir Sahib posed this question to Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) during  the weekly Friday Gathering that they received the answer. Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) smiled after Pir Sahib asked and started reading the actual Durood and instructed Pir Sahib to repeat this Durood word-by-word.  After teaching and trusting this Durood Shareef to Pir Sahib, Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul(ra) said that ‘Khalid, This is that Durood that if you read it and make a dua, your dua is guaranteed to be accepted even if you recite it in a state of intoxication (after consuming alcohol).  
Another Question which arose was the burial of Jinn. Pir Sahib asked many scholars about ‘When Jinn die, where do they get buried’. Every Scholar had a different answer or opinion on this matter. Some claimed that Jinn got buried in Muslim Graveyards whilst other claimed there was a special graveyard for Jinn in a place called Ko’Kaab. When Pir Sahib posed this question to Hazoor Syedna Qudwatul Awliya(ra) they said ‘that the answer to this question is very simple.

What are Human created off? Clay? 
What are Angels created off? Noor?
What  are Jinn created off? Fire?
After asking these three questions Pir Sahib said that ‘When Jinn die, they turn to Ash!’

Other Questions included the Name of the blessed mother of Hazrat Syedna Musa (AS); which is a name that is sought by many amileen. 



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Al-Gillani Family

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